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Deploy and manage the latest in cloud technology

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What are the benefits of cloud services?

Cloud technology has a multitude of benefits including the ability to share company resources, such as business software, data, and cloud-based anti-virus/security programs. The growing adoption of cloud solutions brings new challenges. A key concern is how to maintain the performance and health of your servers if they are deployed in multiple environments on premises, in your data center or in the public cloud like Amazon or Rackspace.

Our Solution

With cloud monitoring from Blink Systems, Inc., there is instant control and increased operational efficiency. Our Cloud Monitoring service offers:

  • Broad public cloud support including Amazon, Rackspace, HP Cloud Services, Microsoft Windows Azure and more
  • Full support for VMware, including applications and Windows or Linux operating systems running on virtualized machines, plus support for the underlying hypervisors and storage systems
  • Comprehensive monitoring of your systems and applications and visibility into the health and performance of your IT environment
  • Proactive alerts, alert escalation and full problem resolution
  • Cloud server security that includes frequent security checks, patches and proactive monitoring

Moving to the Cloud

We can easily transition your local network to a cloud-based service. We are able to perform a smooth transfer of your organization's entire data while ensuring complete security with no interruption of your day-to-day operations.

Along with greater mobility, moving to the cloud also means your IT infrastructure is a lot less expensive. Cloud services translates to less costly hardware and software. Furthermore, cloud computing includes built-in backup and disaster recovery plans.

Cloud computing is a very cost-effective option that every business manager should consider. The security and flexibility that it provides is at the forefront of technology today. With Blink Systems as your partner, shifting to cloud computing is a strategic choice that will result in your business growing.