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From Cloud Hosting to Application Development, We've Got You Covered

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How can I Benefit?

In today's digital age, it is imperitive that a business have a strong presence online. However, succeeding in this venue is not achieved with a domain name and a poorly-constructed website from some free service. Devoting the time and energy to developing a strong, well-constructed web presence can directly affect your business's performance. Allow us to develop an effective solution for you.

Website Development

In today's business world, having a robust online presence is the most important component of driving sales in business. Let us take care of that for you. With our design partners, we can draft an incredible, responsive, custom design for your website. Our developers can then build your design into a product with ease, utilizing the latest in web development technologies to ensure the highest quality product possible. From there, we equip you with a robust content management framework for easy modifications to the content of your site. Finally, we can offer best-in-class hosting to ensure you're always online for your clients.

Application Development

Do you require special tools on the web to interact with your clients? Look no further than Blink Systems for your custom web application needs. Our developers are highly-skilled, standards compliant, up-to-date with the lates technologies, and knowledgable in server administration. Effectively, we can design, build, and host your application. From print fulfillment to order management to secure communications, we can build a solution to fit your needs.

Web Hosting Administration

Effectively managing your hosting administration can be a nightmare without the proper tools. Blink Systems has the resources and the experience to take on this task with ease. Whether your website requires a simple shared hosting configuration, or a cluster of dedicated servers, our administrators have the skills to keep you running at maximum efficiency.

Advanced Configurations

Are your applications running at reduced performance, or high load? Is your website sluggish and bogged-down? Does your on-site email hosting go offline? You may need our assistance. Our technicians are trained for administration in even the highest-caliber hosting environments. Whether you need one dedicated server or one-hundred, we can provide these services. Our dedicated hosting infrastructure is the best in the industry, including 40 GigE transit availability and top-tier Dell hardware. Our public cloud configurations run atop entirely SSD-driven storage solutions. With hybrid options, we can mix, match, and interconnect public and private cloud options with bare-metal dedicated servers to create high-availability, reliable configurations. Whatever your needs, we can surely accomodate.

Hosted Email

We can easily provide email-only hosting for low monthly rates per user. Whether you need Microsoft Exchange, or just a standard, ActiveSync-enabled email product, we can accomodate you. Contact us to learn more.