Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure your mission-critical data is safe, so you can stay online

Business Continuity

There is always a possibility lurking that a serious incident will cause a business’ normal operations to come to a halt. These disasters can occur in many different ways, including major hardware malfunctions, fires, and storms. In addition to having a plan in place to minimize the likelihood of a business breakdown, it is prudent to have a solid strategy to ensure a timely recovery of your systems.

With Blink Systems' Disaster Recovery, you can benefit from a complete end-to-end business continuity solution that ensures the protection and recovery of critical business data stored your servers and workstations. Leveraging industry-leading technology, Blink Systems provides continuous backup snapshots based on a granular schedule and retention policy that is highly configurable. Snapshots are instantly virtualized allowing the recovery of files, folders, even data in Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint to occur in minutes – not days, weeks or months.

All data backed up by Blink Systems is also replicated offsite to the cloud, so you can have the peace of mind that business continuity will be maintained even in a disaster scenario.


  • We are able to backup critical business data in highly configurable snapshots that are stored as virtual (VMDK) images. Advanced de-duplication and compression are also in place to minimize disk space.
  • We offer granular snapshot and retention policies that can be configured as the business requires. The virtual snapshots can be turned on in seconds to offer file level restore, including support for both Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Scheduled screenshot verifications of backups are available and bare metal restores to dissimilar hardware are handled with ease.
  • We provide full cloud replication and instant off-site virtualization. All data is encrypted and stored in bicoastal SAS 70 Type II, HIPAA-compliant data centers.
  • 24x7 monitoring of on-site and cloud backups. Built in remote monitoring and management support
  • Rapid backup and restore of Microsoft Windows servers and desktops

We offer various packages for data backup and disaster recovery depending on your particular needs. Our comprehensive services will ensure that no matter what disaster you are facing, your data and business operations are safe.