Service Overview

managed IT can help grow your business

Importance of Managed Services

In these times, information technology has become a must for every organization no matter the industry. Rather than allocating significant portions of your operating budget to IT, you can take the efficient and cost-effective option of outsourcing that responsibility to us. We will manage every part of your company's technology needs, thereby becoming your complete outsourced IT department. This will help free up your company's resources that can go towards achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

We Manage Your I.T. Needs - So You Don't Have To

We come out to your office and expertly set up the infrastructure for the particular services needed by your company. Our reasonable monthly rate leaves our clients with a predictable IT support cost. There will never be any surprise fees. We offer all the benefits of an in-house IT department for a fraction of the price.

By implementing our proactive managed services, small and mid-sized organizations will continue to grow their businesses with little fear that their IT systems will be compromised

Our Services

  • Engineers on the cutting edge in preventative maintenance and security
  • 24/7/365 monitoring/management of all your IT systems
  • Secured network, workstations, and data
  • Improved performance, efficiency and productivity
  • Monitoring the security of the network, servers, computers, and all data
  • Preventative maintenance of all essential systems
  • Support for all your hardware and software
  • Virus protection and program management
  • Spyware protection and removal
  • Back up and disaster recovery
  • Patch management of server and workstation operating systems
  • Analysis and optimization of memory drives
  • System auditing
  • Fixed monthly rate. In other words, no suprises!

There is an inefficient way of managing your IT system and then there is the Blink Systems way of doing it. Compare and contrast the old Break/Fix Model with the cost-effective Blink Systems Managed Services:

Break/Fix Model

  • Reactive
  • Manpower Intensive
  • Up-front License Fees
  • Yearly Maintenence Fees
  • Low Profit Margins

Blink Systems Managed Services Model

  • Proactive
  • Labor Efficient
  • Pay as you Grow
  • All-inclusive Pricing
  • Higher Profit Margins

Schedule an on-site assessment and put an end to IT headaches and high costs.